2023 INFINITI QX60 LUXE AWD In Winston-Salem, North Carolina At Modern INFINITI Of Winston-Salem

Unveiling the 2023 INFINITI QX60 LUXE AWD - a paragon of opulence on wheels! Crafted with a blend of lavishness and leisure, this marvel manifests a compelling charisma, an aura of sophistication, and a commanding presence. With its sleek design and sumptuous interiors, the QX60 is guaranteed to turn heads wherever it cruises. Beyond mere aesthetics, it offers a remarkable blend of comfort and thrill, making every drive an experience to relish. With the 2023 INFINITI QX60 LUXE AWD, we're not just redefining luxury; we're letting you immerse yourself in its purest form!

Designed with Life and Opulence

The 12.3" Dynamic Meter Display by INFINITI breathes an awe-inspiring wave of modern sophistication into the QX60's dashboard. This, complemented by the optional Black Open Pore Ash wood inserts, infuses the interior with an irresistible aura of warmth and luxury. This inviting environment, so meticulously crafted, ensures that every journey in the QX60 becomes a joyride for both the driver and the passengers. Unleash the thrill of driving and the comfort of being driven, all in one magnificent machine.

2023 INFINITI Qx60 Luxe Awd Power and Strength
Panoramic Moonroof

Experience the breeze like never before with the 2023 INFINITI QX60's panoramic sunroof. This extraordinary feature offers an expansive view that transforms your ride into a celestial journey. Whether it's the calm of a midday sky or the ethereal glow of a midnight moon, the panoramic sunroof immerses you in the beauty of the cosmos. Not just an opulent embellishment, this sunroof also bathes the cabin in natural light, creating an atmosphere of openness and tranquility.

2023 INFINITI Qx60 Luxe Awd Style and Comfort Features
2023 INFINITI Qx60 Luxe Awd Style and Comfort Features

With the tactile sensation of the QX60, INFINITI completed a two-year global research of touch-feel materials, providing a singularly enjoyable drive with each drive.

Each row of seats in the QX60's cabin is somewhat higher than the row before it, giving passengers a more expansive perspective of the road ahead and enhancing the overall experience.

2023 INFINITI Qx60 Luxe Awd Style and Comfort Features
Accessible Ports

With the QX60's intelligent and accommodating digital connection, which includes USB charging outlets for up to seven passengers in all three rows, you can stay connected to the world around you.

2023 INFINITI Qx60 Luxe Awd Style and Comfort Features
Infotainment System

Engage with the QX60's chic infotainment system, boasting a crystal-clear 12.3-inch high-definition display. This cutting-edge feature invites you to interact seamlessly, forging a deep connection between you and your vehicle. Plus, the INFINITI Intelligent Key is an opulent convenience that makes it simple for you to enter your car while maintaining your own driving preferences.

Captivating in Every Way

The QX60 has a robust and commanding appearance thanks to its tall waistline, wide and muscular proportions, and large hood. Our design team describes it as having a dominating presence, but we just find it to be lovely.

The INFINITI QX60 offers a powerful, efficient driving experience thanks to the combination of its famed 295-horsepower 3.5L V6 engine and a 9-speed automated transmission.

2023 INFINITI Qx60 Luxe Awd Power and Strength

The 2023 INFINITI QX60's engine is a testament to the power of innovative engineering. A heart-throbbing powerhouse, it boasts a 3.5-liter V6 engine that churns out a vigorous 295 horsepower and 270 lb-ft of torque. This robust engine, combined with direct injection gasoline, ensures a riveting performance that's both smooth and energetic. Whether cruising down the highway or navigating city streets, the QX60's engine responds with agile prowess and lightning-fast acceleration.

2023 INFINITI Qx60 Luxe Awd Technology
2023 INFINITI Qx60 Luxe Awd Technology

Unleash the power of seamless performance with the QX60's advanced transmission. This state-of-the-art system is a marvel of engineering, delivering smooth and precise gear changes that redefine driving comfort. The QX60's 9-speed Automatic Transmission with manual-mode paddle shifters is intelligently designed to adapt to your driving style, ensuring optimal power and efficiency at all times. Its responsive nature provides an exhilarating driving experience, making every journey an exciting adventure.

2023 INFINITI Qx60 Luxe Awd Technology

Step into the realm of unbounded exploration with the 2023 INFINITI QX60's Intelligent All-Wheel Drive system. A harmonious blend of power and finesse, it intuitively adjusts power distribution to each wheel, ensuring optimal traction and control across diverse terrains and weather conditions. This dynamic system can sense a wheel slipping, and in a fraction of a second, it redirects torque to the wheels with grip, providing you with unflinching confidence and exhilarating driving experiences.

2023 INFINITI Qx60 Luxe Awd Technology

The 2023 INFINITI QX60's drive mode selector is an innovative feature that adds a dash of thrill and versatility to every drive. With the flick of a switch, you can effortlessly adapt your driving experience to the road conditions or your mood. Choose from Standard, ECO, Sport, Snow, or Personal settings, each offering a distinct combination of throttle response, transmission shift points, and steering effort. This feature transforms the QX60 into a dynamic driving partner that is always in sync with your desires.

2023 INFINITI Qx60 Luxe Awd

Wireless Apple CarPlay Integration

2023 INFINITI Qx60 Luxe Awd

Android Auto

2023 INFINITI Qx60 Luxe Awd


2023 INFINITI Qx60 Luxe Awd

Bose Sound System


Level up your drive with the QX60's ProPilot Assist with Navi-link. This system seamlessly integrates adaptive cruise control and lane-keeping assist to make highway driving a breeze. Its Navi-link feature uses data from the car's navigation system to anticipate bends in the road, adjust speed for upcoming junctions, and make your drive smoother than ever. It’s like having a professional co-pilot on board, taking your INFINITI QX60 experience to new heights of comfort, safety, and luxury.

2023 INFINITI Qx60 Luxe Awd Technology
2023 INFINITI Qx60 Luxe Awd Technology
A selection of driver assist and safety technologies.

Rear automatic braking, forward emergency braking with pedestrian detection, predictive forward collision warning, rear cross traffic alert, lane departure warning (with haptic steering wheel alert), high beam assist, and other cutting-edge driver assistance systems can help you stay safe and secure while driving.

2023 INFINITI Qx60 Luxe Awd Technology
Heighten the view of your surroundings

The QX60's Digital Around View® Monitor is a revolutionary feature! This advanced system uses high-resolution cameras to provide a virtual 360-degree bird's-eye view of the vehicle, offering unparalleled visibility and precision. Whether you're navigating through tight parking spots or negotiating tricky corners, this technology ensures your safety and confidence by eliminating blind spots. The Monitor also includes Moving Object Detection, alerting you to moving objects around your vehicle in real-time.

2023 INFINITI Qx60 Luxe Awd Technology

The next-generation Smart Rear picture Mirror links to a rear-facing camera to give you a clear, unimpeded picture of what's behind you—even if your rear window is covered by people or objects.

2023 INFINITI Qx60 Luxe Awd Technology

The QX60's 10.8" Head-Up Display enables you to view important information without taking your eyes off the road. To help you maintain your attention on the road ahead, this display is projected onto the windshield.

The 2023 INFINITI QX60 LUXE AWD In Winston-Salem, NC At Modern INFINITI Of Winston-Salem

Are you seeking a cozy SUV that will acquaint you with the world of comfort and luxury? Let our experts at Modern INFINITI of Winston Salem assist you in comprehending the features of the QX60 when you visit us. We will discuss the 2023 INFINITI QX60 LUXE AWD pricing, specs, and finance choices. Contact us right away or stop by Winston Salem’s premier INFINITI dealership. Additionally, you may go through our collection of brand-new INFINITI models and excellent-condition pre-owned vehicles.

2023 INFINITI Qx60 Luxe Awd Express Van
How many miles can you get out of an INFINITI QX60?

Caring for your INFINITI QX60 and following the factory maintenance schedule can maximize the potential of this performance luxury SUV for sale. With mostly highway driving, it is possible to reach 300,000 miles or more.

Is it expensive to repair an INFINITI?

INFINITI is a luxury car line offering comparable repair costs to those of Ford or Acura – around $1,000 a year on average – rather than the higher prices seen for BMW or Mercedes.

How fast can the QX60 go?

The INFINITI QX60 can reach a top speed of 120 mph, and accelerate from zero to 60 mph in 6.2 seconds.

Do INFINITIS need premium gas?

INFINITI automobiles are designed to give superb performance when powered by premium gas. Using regular gas will impede the engine's operation, compromising the horsepower that its precision engineering had intended.

Where can I buy the 2023 INFINITI QX60 LUXE AWD in Winston Salem?

Buy the 2023 INFINITI QX60 LUXE AWD at Modern INFINITI of Winston Salem, the leading INFINITI dealership in Winston Salem, NC.

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